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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gayngs at First Avenue - May 14, 2010

P.O.S., or Stefon as He's Known In Gayngs
The Gayngs Stage

First Avenue was less than half full for the first of two Gayngs shows on Friday night, but that didn't stop the 23-piece band from putting on a show. This was supposedly the first and last time the whole band would be together, and they seemed to be having a lot more fun than the crowd did.
The band, almost too predictably played the whole album, "Relayted", all the way through, but constant microphone problems marred the set. The sound worked best when Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Ivan Howard (Rosebuds) were the main singers, because their mics seemed to be the only ones turned all the way up. Songs such as "Cry" and "The Last Prom on Earth" were extremely strong, while tracks like "Faded High" and "No Sweat" lacked their album strength.
My highlight of the night "The Last Prom on Earth," with Justin Vernon switching between rapping in auto-tune and singing in a unusual deep voice. At the end, we were all showered in confetti. Everything seemed kind of false though, with only a smattering of people looking remotely interested, one could not help but to feel sorry for the band.

1. The Gaudy Side of Town
2. The Walker
3. Cry
4. No Sweat
5. False Bottom
6. The Beatdown
7. Crystal Rope
8. Spanish Platinum
9. Faded High
10. Ride
11. The Last Prom On Earth
12. No One Is to Blame (Howard Jones Cover)

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