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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wavves and Best Coast at the Varsity - February 11, 2011

Why was this concert so fun?
I found myself wondering exactly that as I walked out of the Varsity Theater. None of the three bands that performed Friday night were amazing live. None of them even seemed to be on the top of their games. Nevertheless, it was a great night.
No Joy, the under-appreciated first band, came on and physically hurt my ears. I couldn't understand one word the singer said, but the music was head-nodable and a great way to kill time.

Nathan Williams of Wavves was high out of his mind. Why was I surprised? The band sells cat-branded grinders and rolling paper. But they delivered by far the most fun set. Even with stupid remarks like "We love you Milwaukee!" the crowd ate everything up. Songs from "King of the Beach" were the best, especially the title track. I was even able to escape the moshing taking place on either side of me. I felt like Moses with my 3 other friends splitting the Red Sea. The only downside to the incredible show Wavves put on was closer "Post Acid," usually one of my favorite songs by Wavves. It was so sped up that the guitar and his words blended together into one giant blur. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, as it seemed like they were in a rush to get off stage. Overall a very satisfying and fulfilling set, though. It's hard not to have fun when there are blow up aliens and beach balls in the middle of February.

Best Coast was great, too. Bethany Cosentino looked great in all black and she had the tunes to go with it. This is where the name Summer Is Forever and the concept of the Summer Is Forever tour came together. I found myself bathed in yellow light with the occasional stray beach ball bouncing over my head. The fuzzy, dueling guitars reminded me of summer. For a minute I forgot I had school again on Monday. Boyfriend and When I'm With You were great, obviously.
And so was my night.

P.S. Guitarist Bobb Bruno is a god. He is a real, neglected source of talent.

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